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People have embraced the power of the internet when it comes to selling pretty much anything. From selling your car to shopping online, everything is at your fingertips.

With conveyancing now moving online, it is naturally time that real estate agencies keep up with the transition also, from traditional shop fronts to online virtual platforms.

That’s where we come in. We are a virtual online real estate platform assisting everyday Australians to save thousands of dollars simply by doing it themselves.

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A new and simple way to connect property buyers and sellers all on one platform. Custom-build a
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All properties are advertised on the major real estate websites including
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Online Auctions

We’ve embraced the power of the Internet to connect buyers and sellers via live property sales using our convenient app.

Our live auction functionality allows buyers and sellers to bid completely online from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Australia.


Buy and Sell

Biownr ® is a seamless platform that brings together buyers and sellers via one platform and helps to eliminate the stress and pressures of dealing with intermediaries.



We provide packages for both buyers and sellers and access to many other important products and services which makes buying or selling your property a breeze. Find everything you need all in one place.


Search and Compare

Whether you’re buying or selling, Search and compare on Vali for all the latest market data and comparative sales in your area to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge so you get the best possible results.


Leave the legal
to the Professionals

Online Conveyancing? We’ve got you covered
"We like to handle the fun stuff and leave the legal stuff with the professionals"

Two awesome conveyancing legal firms which Biownr ® has the privilege of partnering with, to assist both the buyer and the seller when it comes to real estate transactions Australia-wide. Using highly trained professional conveyancers and solicitors, Lawlab and Smartlaw offer seamless online processes to ensure our Biownr ® family is covered, all at a fair and reasonable price.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, all your property conveyancing requirements including Vendor Statements (Section 32), Legal contracts and advice are met from the start of your journey, right through to settlement including contract reviews, why go anywhere else?

This generous offer available exclusively to our Biownr ® community could potentially save you thousands of dollars in fees and time!

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Free Property Valuation Service

If you are thinking about selling your home and are not sure about the real value, you should first get the asking price right. We offer an indepth free property valuation report to our clients. To find out more, request a copy today.