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adverise with us

Who Are We

Biownr is a peer to online platform providing people opportunity to Buy,
Sell and Auction all Residential property privately without the use of an agent, via our Buy Now or Online Auction process.

we Provide according to their budget with no pressure from intermediaries trying to upsell.

We do not believe in taking shortcuts when it Comes to advertising.

Vendors are provided access to the same services as real estate agents, including PREMIUM advertising on and, professional photoography, copywritingt, videography and a whole range of additional services(Add Ons) dependig on your budget.

The biownr community is our priority and so have tried to give you a level playing field when it comes to advertising your home online. We are transparent with our upfront flat fee price which covers the cost for what we do and we charge 0% commission for what you do.


Your job is to simply repond to any queries you receive from interested parties via our online system, open your home to interested buyers who want to come and see your home, and finalise the singing of the contract of sale at your leagal practitioner's office or conveyancer's office once an agreemant has been made.

That's pretty much it

We charge an upfront flat fee, with 0 % commission, saving you thousands by not having to pay the additional 2-3%, usually paid to agents as commission. This gives you the flexibility to direct the savings made towards a deposit for your next home, a family holiday, a new car, or furniture for your next home.

Maximising profits seems to become increasingly challenging every year as costs continue to increase and profit margins for builders and investors decrease inturn. Biownr is the perfect solution for all reseidential property sales.

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