How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description that Sells

A great way to write an eye catching property description is to follow the following basic template:

Use the following template to create listing descriptions that focus on SELLING your property, and that keep the reader engaged with every sentence.

Ensure to keep the focus on what this property can do for the readers lives. Write in a way that speaks to THEM.

Always start with a bang


Write an attention grabbing opening phrase about your listing here. Appeal to target market’s problems, needs, and how this listing will solve a problem for them.


Create interest in your listing, by providing readers with interesting facts and info about the property. Hold the readers attention now that you got it!


Write something that makes your readers go from being interested in your listing, to them actually seeing themselves living in it. By the time they finish reading this part, buyers should be ready to take action.


Give readers a clear action to take now. Schedule an open for inspection, email for more information, etc… Always end with an action (call to action)

It is also important to stick to the facts. Try not to make it too long where the reader loses interest. You are best to keep the word count between 100 – 200 words. Ensure the following is also adhered to for the perfect property write up.

  • Describe the property accurately. This may seem like a no-brainer, but your real estate listing description should be accurate. Setting unrealistic expectations helps no one. In no way should your property description be dishonest – We at Biownr follow the Number 1 Rule in life – Honesty is always the best policy.
  • Choose adjectives wisely…. Be descriptive without going too crazy
  • Avoid red flag words. … that tend to have a negative feel about them eg “TLC, cosmetic or fixer”
  • Include words that add value. …eg Impeccable, luxurious and landscaped
  • Highlight unique features. …
  • Take notice of punctuation. …
  • Leave out super basic info….
  • Use great photos.

If you think that you may need some assistance with this, simply select the copywriting option as an Add On (if you have selected the basic package only) and we will arrange this for you.