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Determine your Price

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Step 2

Determine your Price

How you price your home will determine the amount of interest you receive and ultimately the successful sale of your property.

You have a few options here…..

  • You can engage the services of a Certified Property Valuer.
  • You can be a little cheeky and have a few real estate agents come and give you an appraisal ( try not to take the highest price and run with it – but know that many will price higher to get your business )
  • You can be strategic and do some research of your own regarding how many other properties and for sale in your local area. List some direct comparables based on location ( within 2 kms ), standard and condition of your property compared to properties on the market and also comparing number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property size and living spaces. Don’t forget, special features can play an important role in your property by having that point of difference.

Comparable properties: Median Sale price:

Duo Tax -Certified Practising Valuers ( AUS wide)
You can research more about understanding how to price your property by reading the following:
You then simply use the information you gather above to complete the Statement of information (SOI) either by yourself or with your conveyancer, noting the selling price on the SOI as either a single price OR a range of up to 10 per cent.