How Much Value Does A Deck Add To A House In Australia?

How Much Value Does A Deck Add To A House In Australia?

Australia is a vast country with many climates, but the average temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius. This means that decks are very popular here for all sorts of reasons: they provide valuable outdoor living space in an area where houses and apartments can be quite small; they allow people to enjoy their outdoors without having to go far, and they offer protection from the sun. But what benefits does adding this valuable feature add to your Australian home?

Here are 6 value benefits of adding a deck to your Australian home:

1. Add to the Overall Valuation of Your Property

A deck adds value to your property, but not by the same amount across the board. You can get a rough estimate of what it will add by considering how much square footage you are adding, then finding out what that would cost if you were to build an extra room. Imagine your deck is 15 square meters and you found out that an extra square meter would add around $3,000 to your property value. 15 times 3,000 is a big lump sum of 45,000 in added value!

2. Increases Your House’s Value Faster Than if you Don’t Have A Deck

If you have a deck or if you are going to add a deck to your property, you can expect the value of your house to increase faster than if you didn’t have a deck. With this added space and extra protection from the sun, people are going to be more likely to pay money for that property.

3. Potential for More Outdoors Living Space in Australia’s Climate

Outdoors living space is a luxury that many Australians have been craving. And low rainfall and sweaty weather in Australia mean that outdoor living space has to be a slightly more luxurious affair, which makes decks very popular here.

4. Can add A View or More Privacy for Your Australian Home

Decking not only adds to your property’s overall value but can add even more to your property’s value by adding a view or more privacy. This can be valuable for those who are looking to sell their home, but it is also great for anyone else who wants either of these things in their Australian property!

5. If You Own Your House, A Deck Can Add A Lot To What You Can Auction or sell Your Property For

If you are the type of person who is looking to auction out or sell your Australian home, a deck can add to what you could rent it for. Or, if you own your house and don’t want to rent it out, having a deck will make people more likely to buy your property sooner rather than later! Pro Tip: You should make sure to sell your home without the help of a real estate agent, they take way too many fees, and you can save thousands of dollars by leveraging easy-to-use, do-it-yourself platforms like Biownr.

6. What Is A Deck Worth Without the Land?

Decking can add value to your Australian home without even having the land. So, if you own your property and don’t want to sell it or rent it out, adding a deck is an easy way to turn some of your potential rental income into money in the bank!

There are many benefits to building a deck. The increased value of your home, the enjoyment you will get out of it, and also the added security for your family are just some examples. However, there is no one size fits all answer as to the value this project adds to your home because everyone has different needs and preferences.

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