online auction

Biownr’s Exclusive Online Auctions

People for the longest time have tried to push the boundaries of innovation, bringing to life things we once could only imagine. Here at Biownr, we are ready and happy to say, we are pushing the boundaries of real estate with Australia’s first DIY online auctions.

Biownr allows all interested buyers to register online and bid on a property from any location. The vendor is notified every time an interested party registers to attend their live auction and helps the Vendor to gauge the number of interested parties.

Our exclusive Online auction has successfully emulated the experience of an onsite auction with the same rules being displayed, and same rules applying to all parties involved.

The difference here is that the Vendor acts as the auctioneer. All auction bids entered can be viewed on the vendor’s screen. All parties can see once the reserve price has been reached and the property is officially “On the Market”. The vendor also has the option to make a Vendor bid at their discretion and to withdraw the property at any time.

All whilst in the comfort of your own home. This removes any unnecessary pressure you may feel from auctioneers and salespeople, helping you truly make your best decision.

Once the property has reached the reserve and has been sold, the seller completes the Contract of Sale Agreement – Auction (found in our main menu drop box) and sends it through to the winning bidder for signing. A summary of both party’s details is received, and this can then be forwarded to your conveyancers/Legal practitioners for the official contract of sale to be signed. The remainder of the settlement process including the deposit paid is arranged through your representative’s office.