photo videos

How to take the best photo’s and videos, with your phone.


Nowadays, it is safe to say that most people either have a Samsung or Apple device. Taking a great photo does not require an expensive professional camera any longer. Today’s phones can take amazing photos and videos all with a push of a button. So, put away your fancy, expensive camera and be reassured that your phone can do it all.

When taking internal photographs, both devices have a built in ‘wide-angle lens’ which is essential for capturing professional-looking photos. This allows more of the image to be seen, whilst also creating the appearance of a larger, more spacious environment. You can find this by simply searching with the camera’s native settings.

When taking external photographs, images that are taken using a box lens appear the best. Fortunately, Apple comes out on top here, providing an in built square lens option when taking photos, making the billboard process much easier and simpler. Whereas for a Samsung device, there are a few more steps.

First, begin by taking an ordinary photo from the camera app. Then click on the edit button that appears under the photo, ‘shaped like a pencil’. This will allow you to crop the photo, into a square. This will be indicated by a yellow pop-up box that has ‘1:1’ in it, revealing that the image is square-shaped.

Try to take photos from a slighter higher angle and always ensure that each room has ample lighting to ensure the photo is clear and taken in the best light.


When taking a video, both Apple and Samsung devices operate using semi-stabilizing technology meaning that some shakes and bounces in the video are not seen. This helps create a more fluid and smooth viewing experience.

Handy Hint

When making a video, ensure that you hold the camera at a suitable height, and record, holding your phone in landscape mode. This helps capture more of your property making it look better.

Remember to take the video at a slow and steady pace. Ensure you highlight the main features that a buyer would be interested in eg, kitchen, living spaces, and highlighted features including manicured garden or swimming pool etc. If you choose to do it on your own, try to keep it no longer than 45secs. That way it can upload without too many problems.

Benefits of using drones

As we are in the 21st century, we have the luxury of taking advantage of innovative technologies, such as drones. By taking sky high photos of your property, everyone will be left in awe with this new and unique style of advertising. And trust us when we say nothing sells property better than awe. As a result, consider upgrading to our professional packages or choose it as a single add on, to turn your property’s advertisement from ‘blah’ to ‘awe’.

However, if you own a drone with a camera and like a challenge, you can do it yourself. First and most importantly, you should learn to fly a drone. If you already do, you have completed the hardest part. From there, press record and let your drone skills do the rest. Ensure to capture the entire property either in a photo or a video, to help emphasize the size and spacious nature of your property.

If that’s not enough for you and you want to add a little bit more spice, you can opt for a video editor which can help add more life to your videos. This could be with color editing to help your property stand out, aerial drop pins, which help bring clarity to what surrounds your property, and visual display boundaries which highlight the actual size of the property. All of this can help bring your properties advertisement, to a whole new level. Simply choose these additional items from our Sellers package Add On items or email us and we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Virtual tours

COVID-19 has challenged the real-estate industry to come up with new and interactive ways to inspect a property and work around the restrictions on open for inspections where everyone’s ability to freely access and view in-house inspections has been limited.

That is where we see virtual inspections as a must-have feature of a property advertisement. They give people an additional insight into the home for those unable to attend inspections and helps them to visualize the property in a 3D walkthrough attracting more potential buyers, and not to mention it is extremely easy and cheap to do. As a result, consider upgrading to our professional packages or choose it as a single Add On, to help your property stand out in a highly competitive market.

You can also attempt to do it yourself by taking several 360° photos of your home inside and outside and upload them or email them through to our friendly Biownr team separately together with your property address and we will provide you with a stunning virtual tour at a reduced price simply by doing it yourself.