price negotiations

Price Negotiations

Here is where it gets exciting. Negotiations for the longest time have been made to sound complex and something that required an expert to facilitate.

We appreciate the traditional method, but we at Biownr felt it was time to change things up.

Biownr has kept the negotiating process SIMPLE, CLEAR and EASY to use.

Firstly, all Interested parties must go through our 3 step login process (sounds tedious, I know, but this is our way of ensuring all of our Biownr platform users, and that every bid made OR every home listed is qualified to the best of our ability).

Secondly, once the property has been uploaded onto our Biownr website and to all the real estate websites, including and, know that the hard work has been done and that now you can simply just sit back, relax and wait for the bids to roll in.

All interested parties can then simply press the BUY NOW tab and complete the details on the screen, including their offer.

You then immediately receive a notification advising you that someone is interested in your property and that an offer has been made.

Easy so far?

This now puts you in the driver’s seat….you have the option to ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer made.

If you decline, it kindly lets the potential buyer know that they need to tweak their offer and resubmit a higher offer. If you accept, a congratulations confirmation message is sent to both parties.

Know that throughout the whole process you can directly communicate with each other and respond to all possible questions and/or queries submitted regarding the property.

We told you, it’s SIMPLE, CLEAR and EASY. Biownr takes the stress out of the negotiating process.