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Select your Advertising and Marketing Package

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Step 03

Select your Advertising and Marketing Package

This is the fun part. Even though we only have 2 types of Sellers packages, we believe this is all you need to sell your home depending on your budget.

The ADD-ONS are where you can go as extravagant as you like. Nothing separates you from having the same marketing as if you were going through an agent. The only advantage is it will cost you significantly less considering you will be saving thousands with 0% commission.

Some of the add ons include – Home Styling, Drone Photography, Videography, Real Estate Website Upgrades on and, hiring Gardeners, Cleaners and much much more.

If we don’t have a service that your wish to have as part of your marketing strategy, ask us about it and we will search high and low until we can find a supplier and email you a quote. We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure you have the best opportunity to market your home in the best light.

If you selected the professional package, then you are almost finished.

Simply complete the remaining basic property details leaving the description and photos for the Biownr admin team to arrange and schedule in for you. Then proceed to pay for the package selected and submit your property.

Let the Biownr Admin Team do the rest.

If you have selected the basic package you will then have to get your creating hat on and create a descriptive write up about your property. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, just focus on the main features of the home including any special features. Mention if the property is near any schools, shops etc and let people know why your property is so special.