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To all the buyer's out there, don't worry we have your back

What could be more important than knowing the condition of the property you are buying. Have peace of mind by requesting a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Termite and Pest Inspection today.


Pre Purchase Building Inspection

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    Pre-purchase building inspections are extremely thorough and come with a full report and defect photography.
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    Conducted by a professional, in accordance with Australian Standards.
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    It can potentially save you from spending thousands of dollars and give you peace of mind regarding one of your life's biggest investments.

Termite & Pest Inspection Report

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    Termite and Pest inspectors conduct detailed analysis of any any pest issues, along with mould, mildew and rodent observation and summaries regarding the susceptibility of a property to pest attack
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    The report details the relevant measures that can be taken to prevent issues getting worse.
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    This knowledge is critical when considering purchasing a property and better equips you in making that all important decision.

Pool & Spa

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    Certified pool or spa barrier inspection to Australian Standards
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    Written report with photos
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    Written reair work recommendations if required
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    Issue of certificate of Barrier compliance upon approval
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    Peace of mind knowning the property you are looking to purchase is compliant

Buyer Package prices are subject to change, depending on location and State. If a price quoted by our third-party affiliate comes in any different from the price advertised, we will always notify you first and then you will be free to accept or decline the quote provided. Currently only available in Victoria.