Sellers Package-General Information


We have tried to keep the selling process simple.

We offer only 3 packages, this includes the Basic, Professional and Off Market Packages, with the flexibility to build on your package with our awesome Add-Ons.

Custom build your sales marketing strategy TODAY, depending on your budget and how extravagant you would like to go.

We at biownr do not believe in taking shortcuts.

Vendors are provided access to the same services as real estate agents, including PREMIUM advertising on and, professional photography, copywriting, videography and a whole range of additional services (Add Ons) depending on your budget.

The biownr community is our priority and so have tried to give you a level playing field when it comes to advertising your home online. We are transparent with our upfront flat fee price which covers the cost for what we do and we charge 0% commission for what you do.

That’s fair right?

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with any queries you may have.


What’s New? 

Look out for our Off Market listings.  This is when people are not really looking to sell but if the price was right then they would definitely consider it!

It’s a modern take on the “good old days” of when a person would knock on a strangers door and begin to tell them just how much they love your house and then proceed to ask them if they would ever consider selling ?  


Wouldn’t that be nice……


Off Market Pack
Perfect opportunity for interested buyers before it hits the market
Basic pack
For the avid enthusiast wanting to do it alone.
Professional Pack
Look like a professional by letting our team do all the hard work.
Premium Concierge Upgrades
Request a Quote
For those willing to take it to another level.