Premium Concierge Upgrades

Premium Concierge Upgrades (Add Ons)

Prices will vary depending on property size and location.**

  • Signboard illuminated backlit LED Lighting ( Additional to Signboard )
  • Professional Property Photography (20-25 Daytime Photos including Editing)
  • 3D Floor Plan and Site Plan
  • Weekly house cleaner ( once a week- first 4 weeks of the sale campaign )
  • Window cleaner
  • Gardener – to clean up your garden and back yard
  • Interior designer – to rearrange furniture and declutter home ready for sale
  • Flowers delivered to your door each week for the first 4 weeks of the sale campaign ( once per week)
  • Independent property valuation
  • Handyman – for general home repairs that you never got around to fixing
  • Premium advertising upgrade for
  • Onsite Auctioneer
  • Premium advertising upgrade for
  • Professional Videographer ( Video Tour 1-2 Mins)
  • Medium advertising upgrade for ( 45 Days)
  • Medium advertising upgrade for ( 45 Days)
  • Professional Videographer (Video Tour with Drone 1-2 Mins)
  • Professional Photography Twilight shoot (25-30 Premium Images)

*Browse the various Concierge Upgrade Services (Add Ons) below and feel free to email us to find out more about how we can add this to your package in order to suit your individual needs and provide you with a specific cost for your property. (Cost may vary from price displayed)

*All Add Ons are individually priced, therefore any difference in cost will be additionally invoiced upon your approval.

*Email us for a quote as prices will vary dependant on property size and location

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