Where do I start?

So you have decided to sell your home without an agent. Awesome

What was once a daunting task has now been simplified thanks to the amount of information that is accessible to us via the internet and made possible with real estate platforms such as Biownr, helping people save thousands by taking out the intermediary and offering B2B platform to enabling you to do it yourself.


Step 1

Find yourself a legal practitioner or conveyancer.

Ensure you seek and engage a reputable legal practitioner or conveyancer that you can speak to and have them prepare all the legal documentation including Section 32 (Vendor Statement), Title Search, preparation of the Statement of Information ( you can do this yourself if you choose) and finally the Contract of Sale including holding the deposit once an agreement has been made with your buyer and complete the settlement process. 

Biownr will provide you with all the buyer’s information and signed agreement which you will simply have to forward to your conveyancer.

We think we are pretty good at what we do and we also like to think that conveyancers and solicitors are pretty good at what they do, so we leave all the legal stuff including the contracts with the people most qualified to handle them while we deal with the fun stuff.

Once this step has been completed the rest is pretty straight forward.


Step 2

Determine your Price

How you price your home will determine the amount of interest you receive and ultimately the successful sale of your property.

You have a few options here…..

  • You can engage the services of a Certified Property Valuer.
  • You can be a little cheeky and have a few real estate agents come and give you an appraisal ( try not to take the highest price and run with it – but know that many will price higher to get your business )
  • You can be strategic and do some research of your own regarding how many other properties and for sale in your local area.  List some direct comparables based on location ( within 2 kms ), standard and condition of your property compared to properties on the market and also comparing number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property size and living spaces.  Don’t forget, special features can play an important role in your property by having that point of difference.

Here are a few websites that you can go to which can help you with finding comparable properties and on pricing your property correctly:

  • Realestate.com.au

Comparable properties: 


Median Sale price: 


  • Domain.com.au


  • Real Estate View 


  • Property Value


  • Realas


You can research more about understanding how to price your property by reading the following:


You then simply use the information you gather above to complete the Statement of information (SOI) either by yourself or with your conveyancer, noting the selling price on the SOI as either a single price OR a range of up to 10 per cent.


Step 3

Select your Advertising and Marketing Package

This is the fun part.  Even though we only have 2 types of Sellers packages, we believe this is all you need to sell your home depending on your budget.

The ADD-ONS are where you can go as extravagant as you like.  Nothing separates you from having the same marketing as if you were going through an agent.  The only advantage is it will cost you significantly less considering you will be saving thousands with 0% commission.

Some of the add ons include – Home Styling, Drone Photography, Videography, Real Estate Website Upgrades on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, hiring Gardeners, Cleaners and much much more.

If we don’t have a service that your wish to have as part of your marketing strategy, ask us about it and we will search high and low until we can find a supplier and email you a quote.  We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure you have the best opportunity to market your home in the best light.

If you selected the professional package, then you are almost finished.

Simply complete the remaining basic property details leaving the description and photos for the Biownr admin team to arrange and schedule in for you. Then proceed to pay for the package selected and submit your property.

Let the Biownr Admin Team do the rest.

If you have selected the basic package you will then have to get your creating hat on and create a descriptive write up about your property.  It doesn’t have to be too fancy, just focus on the main features of the home including any special features.  Mention if the property is near any schools, shops etc and let people know why your property is so special.


Handy Tips

The best way to sell your property

Tens of hundreds of houses all over the country are listed daily, most following the same, simplistic algorithm in hope of selling their house. How to make your house stand out from the rest.  Here are a few professional tips and tricks.

  • Ensure both internal and external photo’s have been uploaded.  Don’t be afraid to also provide any detailed photos highlighting any special features the home may have.
  • Ensure that when you are writing a description of the property, it Is short, sweet, and to the point. Try and keep the word count under 150 to keep your potential buyers interested.
  • Provide a floor plan and site plan of the property, this can even be drawn out on a piece of paper if you choose, then add it together with your photos as this helps potential buyers visualize the rooms, layout, and space.  We will then have the drawing translated onto a 2D floor plan for you.
  • Finally, it is also highly recommended that an engaging virtual tour or video is added to your seller’s package, as it can help entertain and engage the audience, enhancing their interest in the property.  
  • Once a property is submitted, our Biownr Team will contact you to ensure that the property has been highlighted and represented in the best light.  We are here to assist you in the best way we can to ensure the sale of your property.



How to Write a Real Estate  Listing  Description that Sells

A great way to write an eye catching property description is to follow the following basic template:

Use the following template to create listing descriptions that focus on SELLING your property, and that keep the reader engaged with every sentence. 

Ensure to keep the focus on what this property can do for the readers lives.  Write in a way that speaks to THEM.

Always start with a bang.


Write an attention grabbing opening phrase about your listing here. Appeal to target market’s problems, needs, and how this listing will solve a problem for them.


Create interest in your listing, by providing readers with interesting facts and info about the property. Hold the readers attention now that you got it!


Write something that makes your readers go from being interested in your listing, to them actually seeing themselves living in it. By the time they finish reading this part, buyers should be ready to take action.


Give readers a clear action to take now. Schedule an open for inspection, email for more information, etc… Always end with an action (call to action)

It is also important to stick to the facts.  Try not to make it too long where the reader loses interest.  You are best to keep the word count between 100 – 200 words.  Ensure the following is also adhered to for the perfect property write up.

  • Describe the property accurately. This may seem like a no-brainer, but your real estate listing description should be accurate. Setting unrealistic expectations helps no one. In no way should your property description be dishonest – We at Biownr follow the Number 1 Rule in life – Honesty is always the best policy.  
  • Choose adjectives wisely…. Be descriptive without going too crazy
  • Avoid red flag words. … that tend to have a negative feel about them eg “TLC, cosmetic or fixer”
  • Include words that add value. …eg Impeccable, luxurious and landscaped
  • Highlight unique features. …
  • Take notice of punctuation. …
  • Leave out super basic info….
  • Use great photos.

If you think that you may need some assistance with this, simply select the copywriting option as an Add On (if you have selected the basic package only) and we will arrange this for you.


How to take the best photo’s and videos, with your phone.


Nowadays, it is safe to say that most people either have a Samsung or Apple device. Taking a great photo does not require an expensive professional camera any longer.  Today’s phones can take amazing photos and videos all with a push of a button. So, put away your fancy, expensive camera and be reassured that your phone can do it all.

When taking internal photographs, both devices have a built in ‘wide-angle lens’ which is essential for capturing professional-looking photos. This allows more of the image to be seen, whilst also creating the appearance of a larger, more spacious environment. You can find this by simply searching with the camera’s native settings.

When taking external photographs, images that are taken using a box lens appear the best. Fortunately, Apple comes out on top here, providing an in built square lens option when taking photos, making the billboard process much easier and simpler. Whereas for a Samsung device, there are a few more steps. 

First, begin by taking an ordinary photo from the camera app. Then click on the edit button that appears under the photo, ‘shaped like a pencil’. This will allow you to crop the photo, into a square. This will be indicated by a yellow pop-up box that has ‘1:1’ in it, revealing that the image is square-shaped.

Try to take photos from a slighter higher angle and always ensure that each room has ample lighting to ensure the photo is clear and taken in the best light.



When taking a video, both Apple and Samsung devices operate using semi-stabilizing technology meaning that some shakes and bounces in the video are not seen. This helps create a more fluid and smooth viewing experience. 



When making a video, ensure that you hold the camera at a suitable height, and record, holding your phone in landscape mode. This helps capture more of your property making it look better.

Remember to take the video at a slow and steady pace.  Ensure you highlight the main features that a buyer would be interested in. E.g. kitchen, living spaces, and highlighted features including manicured garden or swimming pool etc.  If you choose to do it on your own, try to keep it no longer than 45secs. That way it can upload without too many problems.


Benefits of using drones

As we are in the 21st century, we have the luxury of taking advantage of innovative technologies, such as drones. By taking sky high photos of your property, everyone will be left in awe with this new and unique style of advertising. And trust us when we say nothing sells property better than awe. As a result, consider upgrading to our professional packages or choose it as a single add on, to turn your property’s advertisement from ‘blah’ to ‘awe’.

However, if you own a drone with a camera and like a challenge, you can do it yourself. First and most importantly, you should learn to fly a drone. If you already do, you have completed the hardest part. From there, press record and let your drone skills do the rest. Ensure to capture the entire property either in a photo or a video, to help emphasize the size and spacious nature of your property.

If that’s not enough for you and you want to add a little bit more spice, you can opt for a video editor which can help add more life to your videos. This could be with colour editing to help your property stand out, aerial drop pins, which help bring clarity to what surrounds your property, and visual display boundaries which highlight the actual size of the property. All of this can help bring your properties advertisement, to a whole new level. Simply choose these additional items from our Sellers package Add On items or email us and we would be happy to arrange this for you.


Virtual Tours

COVID-19 has challenged the real-estate industry to come up with new and interactive ways to inspect a property and work around the restrictions on open for inspections where everyone’s ability to freely access and view in-house inspections has been limited. 

That is where we see virtual inspections as a must-have feature of a property advertisement. They give people an additional insight into the home for those unable to attend inspections and helps them to visualize the property in a 3D walkthrough attracting more potential buyers, and not to mention it is extremely easy and cheap to do. As a result, consider upgrading to our professional packages or choose it as a single Add On, to help your property stand out in a highly competitive market.

You can also attempt to do it yourself by taking several 360° photos of your home inside and outside and upload them or email them through to our friendly Biownr team separately together with your property address and we will provide you with a stunning virtual tour at a reduced price simply by doing it yourself.



Open home inspections are one of the most important steps in the process of successfully selling your home, which can often be the difference in whether an offer is made. 

Having said this, you must present your home in a way that both captures the attention of potential buyers, as well as making them feel like they are already accustomed to the home. 


Pre-Sale Inspection 

Your pre-inspection preparation is where you get the chance to show off the glitz and glamour of your home. It is where you tell the world ‘my property is THE property’. 

A good place to start is ensuring all necessary repairs have been made. 

This may include freshening up the home with a fresh coat of paint, repairing all cracks in walls, replacing any chipped windows, cleaning up the garden etc.

You may also want to consider the lighting of your property. A well-lit home gives the impression of warmth to buyers. Ensure that hedges, trees, bushes, etc are all neatly and appropriately trimmed to minimize any obstructions and maximize natural lighting within the home.

One highly important consideration is your property’s waterworks. This is an often-overlooked element that can add immense value to your property. Ensure sinks, toilets, showers, and other drains are all in working order and not blocked. 

Decluttering your home is crucial for removing your identity within the home and replacing it with a neutral canvas ready for the next person to imagine themselves living there.  

Leave minimal things on display, including furniture and personal collectibles. Hide things that are an eye-sore to someone new inspecting your home such as personal photos including your poster size wedding photo from 20 years ago!!   Think about replacing them with neutral picture frames or paintings   

Do not worry if you don’t know where to start, Biownr offers a home styling consultant as part of our awesome Sellers Package Add Ons.   This includes (up to) 1 hour onsite consultation only (which makes it very economical) on how to present the property.  

You will receive advice on furniture placement, things to remove and declutter and offer general styling advice so customers can be assured that you are presenting the property in the best possible light.  

For the people with a more extensive budget, you can request a home stylist to come and style your home.  This involves an initial consultation, removal of your furniture, decorating and styling your home, and storing of your furniture during the sale process.  The cost for this service will of course vary depending on the size, location a total number of rooms to be styled.  You can select this from the Add On list and a quote will be provided to you separately regarding this service.


Open for inspections

Next, it’s your time to shine! The day-of inspection is here, you’re excited to finally show off your property. Here are a few things to consider for the big day that could help you in maximizing interest in your home. 

Greetings and first impressions are paramount to giving off the right impression of your property. Make sure you are dressed to impress, and that you are warm, welcoming, and inviting to your guests. 

Make sure you are organised and prepared and that the home is clean ready for the first person to walk through your doors.  You can even rehearse what you are going to say to your guests. Be sure not to sound too scripted. Just sit back, relax, and let your home do the talking. 

You want your home to be as memorable to your potential buyers as possible. You are in control of how extravagant you want to make your inspection, depending on your allocated budget. Something more reserved maybe coffee and cakes for your guests. A more creative approach may be a gelato truck at the front and a jumping castle in the backyard to keep the kids entertained while the parents can take their time and inspect the property. 

It is these memorable moments that create positive impressions on your buyers, which will make your property stand out from the crowd. 

At Biownr, we value togetherness and unity. We are about building a community that encourages people to draw inspiration from each other. Keeping this in mind, the Biownr team would love to challenge their vendors to be as creative as possible.  Don’t be afraid to send us photos of your BEFORE and AFTER shots, so we can share them and encourage others on our social media platforms.

Take on the challenge today!


Price Negotiations

Here is where it gets exciting. Negotiations for the longest time have been made to sound complex and something that required an expert to facilitate.  
We appreciate the traditional method, but we at Biownr felt it was time to change things up.
Biownr has kept the negotiating process SIMPLE, CLEAR and EASY to use.    
Firstly, all Interested parties must go through our 3 step login process (sounds tedious, I know,  but this is our way of ensuring all of our Biownr platform users, and that every bid made OR every home listed is qualified to the best of our ability).

Secondly, once the property has been uploaded onto our Biownr website and to all the real estate websites, including realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, know that the hard work has been done and that now you can simply just sit back, relax and wait for the bids to roll in. 

All interested parties can then simply press the BUY NOW tab and complete the details on the screen, including their offer.

You then immediately receive a notification advising you that someone is interested in your property and that an offer has been made.


Easy so far?

This now puts you in the driver’s seat….you have the option to ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer made. 

 If you decline, it kindly lets the potential buyer know that they need to tweak their offer and resubmit a higher offer. 
If you accept, a congratulations confirmation message is sent to both parties.  

Know that throughout the whole process you can directly communicate with each other and respond to all possible questions and/or queries submitted regarding the property.

We told you, it’s SIMPLE, CLEAR and EASY. Biownr takes the stress out of the negotiating process.


Biownr’s Exclusive Online Auctions

People for the longest time have tried to push the boundaries of innovation, bringing to life things we once could only imagine. Here at Biownr, we are ready and happy to say, we are pushing the boundaries of real estate with Australia’s first DIY online auctions.

Biownr allows all interested buyers to register online and bid on a property from any location.  The vendor is notified every time an interested party registers to attend their live auction and helps the Vendor to gauge the number of interested parties. 

Our exclusive Online auction has successfully emulated the experience of an onsite auction with the same rules being displayed, and same rules applying to all parties involved.

The difference here is that the Vendor acts as the auctioneer. All auction bids entered can be viewed on the vendor’s screen.  All parties can see once the reserve price has been reached and the property is officially “On the Market”.  The vendor also has the option to make a Vendor bid at their discretion and to withdraw the property at any time.  

All whilst in the comfort of your own home. This removes any unnecessary pressure you may feel from auctioneers and salespeople, helping you truly make your best decision. 

Once the property has reached the reserve and has been sold, the seller completes the Contract of Sale Agreement – Auction (found in our main menu drop box) and sends it through to the winning bidder for signing.  A summary of both party’s details is received, and this can then be forwarded to your conveyancers/Legal practitioners for the official contract of sale to be signed.  The remainder of the settlement process including the deposit paid is arranged through your representative’s office.




Signing of Contracts 

A confirmation email, together with the contract sale agreement signed by both parties (downloadable from our main menu) is forwarded by you to your legal practitioner or conveyancer, where the remainder of the sale process is carried out.  

The signing of the “official” Contract of Sale, deposit payment, and the settlement process are all completed at their office.

We like to handle the fun stuff and leave the legal stuff with the professionals.  

Many conveyancers carry out the whole process completely online as well. – Easy


Just a legal reminder:

Buy Now process – there is a 3 day cooling-off period for the buyers upon signing of the contract.

Online Auction – there is no cooling off process upon signing you have committed to the purchase of the property therefore make sure every bid is thought about very carefully and ensure it remains within your budget.

Once contracts are signed and cooling-off periods have passed –  it’s time to crack open the champagne and celebrate!



For more information regarding the guidlines associated with the sale and purchase of property, you can find a downloadable PDF under our resources tab called – Real estate: a guide for buyers and sellers.

Additional information can also be found on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website:

Buying Property:


Selling Property:


Always ensure you know exactly what you are signing as purchasing a home is a huge committment. If you are not sure, please exercise your right to take any contract to your legal representative/conveyancer for them to go through it with you and ensure you have an absolute understanding of the contract terms and conditions.

Biownr is committed to providing buyers and sellers everywhere a newer and fairer system of property exchange simply by bringing the community together all on the one platform. Here you are easily able to negotiate, sell, buy, and auction all your residential property needs and have the peace of mind knowing that you are leaving all the legal stuff to the experts.

Check us out right now by pressing on the GET STARTED tab and register as a user.  Then Upload your property TODAY.

We are just as excited to see you sell your house as you are, so choose BIOWNR today and let us assist you on this DO IT YOURSELF journey.

Not only do you get to sell your home, but you also maintain complete control over the sale process, and the price you sell it for.  The best part is that you pay 0% commission on the sale, potentially saving yourself tens of thousands in commission alone.


Your very next question should be, what can I do with the money I just saved?

Purchase a new car? Deposit for a new home? Book in a family holiday? Or simply save it for a rainy day.

The choice is yours.  

Now that you have been shown step by step just how easy it is and you have decided that there really are other options available when it comes to buying and selling real estate, we at Biownr say it is time.  Time to try something new. 

We believe that if you were to sell or buy property once using our Biownr real estate platform, you will never go back to the old ways of buying and selling homes ever again.

Thank you for your confidence and trust in using our Biownr platform. Your feedback is imperative for assisting us to growing from a grassroots business to one that really takes over the Australian market and help many save thousands.  If you want to see more functions added that would make your property sale journey easier email us at support@biownr.com.au and together we can help each other prosper. 


Share the Love & help us pave the way forward

Your feedback helps us understand what the community needs or is looking for in a real estate DIY platform.  If there is an additional service you require or would like to see added, let us know and we will make it happen.  We take your feedback very seriously and this helps the Biownr team work harder to create a better and more user-friendly platform for all.   

We have heaps of amazing ideas for the next phase of Biownr and the most exciting part of it is that every person participating in making this platform grow, whether you are a seller, or a buyer, are helping turn our vision a reality. Your kindness and support has helped contribute to Biownr’s big plan of building self-sustainable communities and providing homes for the homeless and disadvantaged.

Please check out more on our Big Plan in the “who are we” section of our website found in the drop-down section of our main menu.